It was the decade of decadence. It was about glitz and glamour as well as baubles and beads.

Everyone loved Luke and Laura in the afternoon. Lady Diane became the People’s Princess when she married Prince Charles. Nighttime soaps like Dallas and Dynasty ruled the airwaves.

President Ronald Reagan ruled the United States. Tom Cruise felt the need for speed. Michael Milliken was the Junk Bond King. Gordon Gekko taught Wall Street whiz kids that greed was good.

Material Girl Madonna made her musical debut. We can only be talking about that terrific time period – the excellent eighties.

When I was 25 I was convinced my best days were over. I had made too many bad choices. You can still recite dialogue from any movie starring Molly Ringwald.

“Cell phones” meant the telephone people used when they got their “one phone call” in jail.

You can still recite dialogue from any movie starring Molly Ringwald.

Someone on your street or neighborhood sent his or her life savings to a later discredited televangelist. You hung out with your friends at the mall, especially in the video arcade where you exchanged those hard-earned quarters for tokens.

You know that “glasnost” means openness or transparency and “perestroika” means economic restructuring. You and your friends made fun of the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” lady. (The fictional woman was named Mrs. Fletcher and the product was the LifeCall emergency service)

Like so, “Like, that was, like, the hardest test we ever had. So after class, I was all like asking the teacher and she was like it wouldn’t have been hard if you had studied. Then I was like is that like wicked rude or what?”

You know there was only one way Dorothy on the Golden Girls could make Sophia behave. She simply said, “Shady Pines, Ma, Shady Pines.”